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It's not about you! It's all about the visitor. This is a paradigm shift in thinking for a LOT of business owners but you need to think carefully about what your visitors want and how they want it. Once that concept of being "user focused" is fully understood, it will impact the design, structure and content of your website and bring massive benefits.

Become a producer of content, this is the ideal platform, but you need to contribute to the knowledge base in your sector and be seen as an active member of your online community. It sounds high risk and a long term strategy, but the benefits include increased authority, more return visits, SEO food, increased sales and viral growth potential.

Write benefit orientated copy! The difference between "We have been around for 20 years and we're brilliant at...." and "Our 20 years of experience means you'll have peace of mind of choosing a company that knows exactly what you need..." is absolutely HUGE. Apply the BENEFITS your clients need to know and build your content around those.

With any website work it is better to talk directly with the Webmaster, contact us and we will arrange a Skype chat directly with our Webmaster team to find out your exact needs and give you our recomendations and costings.

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