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Mike Bloomfield

Managing Director

Comunicate with Mike Bloomfield via Skype, get advice from A PC Genius, check out his Amazing carear looking after one of the biggest banks in the worlds IT needs!

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Mike and Michelle Bloomfield have run computer radio and television shows, they have been in the computer business 25 years,they are available to assist you with all types of computer support and related issues sydney. Look at our Sponsors!

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Computer Repairs, Sales & Support in Sydney

Are you looking for quality computer repairs in Sydney or computer support in Sydney? If so, you've come to the right place. A PC Genius is a leading Sydney IT company founded by Mike Bloomfield in 1997. Since then, A PC Genius has quickly rose to become a well-known and well-respected IT company all across Sydney and the Sydney metropolitan area.

PC Sales & Computer Repairs You Can Count On

Mike and his team consists of some the brightest and most experienced minds when it comes to PC and MAC computing systems. Our team of professional IT technicians service all forms of IT computer system, networks, data servers and much, much more. With over 20 years of both IT and computer repair experience, A PC Genius is confident in fixing your computer problem no matter how big or small. Whether it's your residential home computer system or a large corporate system with many users, our technicians will get computers fixed in no time.

Our Values & Vision

We believe having a set of core values is important to any business. It helps us excel in what we do, love what we do and provide an outstanding service to all our customers and clients. At APC Genius, we have four main values we live by. They are:

Personal: Our customers are always on the highest priority in all our operations. We're out to provide a quality and reliable computer repair service and we believe prioritising our client's needs will always be #1.
Effective: Our technicians work in a fast and friendly manner and are always willing to go the extra mile to leave a good impression.
Powerful: We only stock and offer the best and highest quality parts avaialable on the market.
Sustainability: Our technology and computing hardware sustain the test of time and should always protect the environment as well as save on your electricity costs.

For The Best Computer Repairs in Sydney - Call Us On 1300 723 278

Now that you've learnt about us, why don't you tell us about how we can help you? Computer repairs in Sydney should be simple and fast, so should computer support and that's exactly what our services are here to provide. Don't spend unnecessary money on a new computer when fixing your existing machine is only one call away. Call us on 1300 723 278 and speak to APC Genius today.

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